Best Practices for Taking and Using Photos in the InspectionFire App

Using pictures in the InspectionFire App is simple. Whether you use use a phone or tablet you can rest assured knowing there is an easy way to get photos into the reports.

  1. You can take photos from inside the app with the click of a button and if you have the setting turned on they will be saved to the camera roll on your phone or tablet. Click here to see how to adjust saving photos to your camera roll.
    • As long as the photos are on your device and you have allowed the InspectionFire app access to your camera roll you will be able to see all photos on your device. To see where to change those settings click here.
  2. If you take pictures on your phone but want to complete reports on a tablet you can often wirelessly send them over. For example, if you use an iPhone and an iPad to take pictures you can use the AirDrop feature and send hundreds of photos instantly from one device to another.

Some recommendations and best practices:

  • Take photos oriented the same direction. We recommend taking all photos that you can in portrait mode. (show variation in photos with all portrait, versus with screenshots, mixed portrait and landscape, and all landscape)
  • When reviewing manuals on your phone use screenshots to document and include those photos in your report.
  • Generally screenshots on phones are easier to take than on tablets.
  • When using cameras or scanning equipment there are adapters or WIFI SD cards so that you can transfer images to your phone or tablet for quick inclusion in your reports. If using one of our GoPro Camera Kits you can take screenshots to simplify capture of important shots found during inspection.
  • If you are using camera systems other than the GoPro you can either transfer the images to your phone/tablet for inclusion, email or text them to yourself, or take pictures of the screen or any images you took on those systems. Where this is a will there is a way. In the end we are happy to help discuss the best way to get good pictures off of your cameras and into our software. While we have not used all
  • If you plan on having all the photos you need on your device you can then store them in your customer file without extra steps. When special circumstances require you can then take the additional steps necessary to get the customer other videos, scans, images, etc… that may be stored directly on your device.

Last updated 3/16/2023

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