Editing Reports in Adobe Acrobat Pro from the Office

As a technician you can always copy a previously submitted report, edit any entries you want and resubmit the report, but if you have an office staff that reviews and then sends out the final report this may become cumbersome at times. Use Adobe Acrobat Pro in the office to bypass this bottleneck. At TheContinue reading “Editing Reports in Adobe Acrobat Pro from the Office”

Reordering Repeat Groups

Click “Reorder items” below your selected repeat group. The wording the bottom will change to read “Done reordering”. Now click no hold the dashed lines to the right of the item you wish to reorder. Drag it up and drop it where you would like it. Now click “Done reordering” and congratulations you have nowContinue reading “Reordering Repeat Groups”

Camera Inspections Inside the Chase or Wall Cavity?

We sometimes can’t get into chase cavities that surround our fireplaces, chimneys and vents to more closely inspect the systems inside. This creates blind spots in our inspection processes. When we can get inside we often find major safety issues and improperly installed systems. Once you do get into the chase how do you documentContinue reading “Camera Inspections Inside the Chase or Wall Cavity?”

Extending Connection Range with GoPro Cameras

Watch the video below to learn how to extend range with the GoPro wifi cameras! For the IF3 housing the solid end ties into the housing and is set in place with a set screw. I sometimes still run a small section of electrical tape around the CAT6 cable and the rods just for goodContinue reading “Extending Connection Range with GoPro Cameras”

Screenshot or Screen Recording on an iPhone

You can take a picture of the screen, just as it appears, or a recording of actions on the screen, to share with others or use in documents. Sometimes these are easier to use, share, and keep with your other files and images when captured this way. Take A Screenshot If you choose Save toContinue reading “Screenshot or Screen Recording on an iPhone”

Updates at NCSG 2023 Convention & Drawing Winners

Thank you to all who visited us at convention in Connecticut this past week!  It was wonderful to see everyone there and showcase the new IF3 MAX Camera Inspection Kit and reveal updates to the InspectionFire App. Many entered a drawing for either an annual login or one of the IF3 MAX Camera Inspection Kits.Continue reading “Updates at NCSG 2023 Convention & Drawing Winners”

What if I break one of GoPro Light Mod bases?

Even if you are careful there will come a day when you break one of the light bases on your GoPro Light. To date we have not broke a light in the new IF3 housing as it was redesigned to hug the light more tightly and prevent snagging and breaking. If you have the oldContinue reading “What if I break one of GoPro Light Mod bases?”