Chimney Inspections with the GoPro MAX

3 Cameras in One

  • Extremely versatile 360 degree camera
  • 360 panoramic photos and 360 Timelapse
  • Spherical footage with the camera zoomed out
  • HERO-style video and photos
  • Vlogging powerhouse
  • Ability to view video footage live and take screenshots while filming in HERO mode
  • Can zoom in and out as well as change angles to provide perspective within your photos

Product Details

  • Enclosed in an aluminum housing to improve durability and prevent premature damage or wear while still allowing access to all controls and battery compartments without the need for disassembly
  • Centering adapter with whiskers used to help keep the camera off the edges of the flue
  • Integrated rod adapter to allow for the use of this kit with both the AW Perkins ButtonLock and SnapLok rods
  • With GoPro subscription unlimited storage for data, videos, and photos on
  • Can create shared links and albums to share photos and videos directly with the customer

Tips for Use

  • Our technicians take screenshots of what they would like to include in their reports or archives. These photos are then saved directly to your device for your customer file.
  • While you can look around, once you have a particularly clear angle with good spacing to the walls of the chimney you can simply spin the rod in your hand gently and pause for any shots you need or want to take
  • Use with a phone allows for one handed operation of the camera and screenshot capabilities. iPad screenshots often take two hands which takes longer. We generally screenshot images on our phones and then airdrop them to our iPads to complete our reports

Get Your Kit Today

Use the GoPro MAX 360 to transform your chimney inspections today.

Use it as a primary camera or as a backup, just in case.

Versatile Camera System Providing Unparalleled Capabilities

Why have we chosen to use the GoPro360 Inspection Camera?

As we have used various camera systems we have found that there are pros and cons to all the systems out there. In our searching and testing we stumbled upon the GoPro360 and have been delighted with the results. Out customers and technicians love the camera, how easy it is use, the quality of the picture, and the rugged waterproof design of the cameras. We have developed our own adapters to suit our inspection needs and now offer our years of hard work and development for use by you and your technicians.

Some Examples

Click below to see some full 360-degree photos and videos of some chimneys we inspected. Videos and photos can be set to auto-upload to your account with your subscription, when you get to a location with wifi. From there you can put them into Shared Links / Albums on’s media storage. Then, if you’d like you can send the customer their videos and photos that they can view live online.

360-degree photo of wood visible in a 3 sided chimney:

Let’s make something beautiful together.