Warranty Information

  • Parts we manufacture are warrantied for 1 year from the time of purchase against damage or breakage under normal use conditions. Wedging, hitting, banging, improper storage, or otherwise using the components in a way where damage is potentially unavoidable is not covered.
    • This includes the IF2 Centering Adapter and the IF3 camera housing as well as the assembly of the LED 6000k Light Rod.
  • To submit a warranty claim submit photos of any damage, the location damage occurred in the chimney or flue, and a complete description of the type of system being inspected, how the product was being used, and when the damage occurred. We may require a conversation to understand how the damage occurred so that we can properly address any issues in subsequent designs so please include your name, date of original purchase, and the best number at which you can be reached. You can submit this information via email at warranty@inspectionfire.com.
  • All other replacement parts, lights, lenses, etc… are not warrantied other than by individual manufacturer warranties but can be purchased directly from us at https://inspectionfire.com/shop.

Thank you for your interest in our products. Please contact us with any questions.