Extending Connection Range with GoPro Cameras

Watch the video below to learn how to extend range with the GoPro wifi cameras!

Extending GoPro Wifi Range

For the IF3 housing the solid end ties into the housing and is set in place with a set screw. I sometimes still run a small section of electrical tape around the CAT6 cable and the rods just for good measure but it isn’t usually necessary. The ends that are flayed out are left on the hearth near your phone or tablet.

For the IF2 housing or other GoPro setups you may have flaying out both ends as shown and taping one near your camera and keeping the other end near or touching your phone or tablet at the bottom to convey the signal.

This essentially acts as antenna to augment the signal. The CAT6 cable does not connect into the camera directly.

Thanks for watching. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Last updated 4/12/2023

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