Camera Inspections Inside the Chase or Wall Cavity?

We sometimes can’t get into chase cavities that surround our fireplaces, chimneys and vents to more closely inspect the systems inside. This creates blind spots in our inspection processes. When we can get inside we often find major safety issues and improperly installed systems.

Once you do get into the chase how do you document what you see? How much can you even see to begin with?

Trying to stick your arm in to take pictures or videos with your phone can work but you have limited range and reach. Putting an endoscope provides enough information to often identify issues however its images are sometimes not clear enough or do not provide ample perspective to show the homeowner the issues that may exist.

This is why we began putting out IF3 MAX Camera Kit up into chases from gaps or access points found around the fireplace, in adjacent rooms, through heating vents, electrical covers behind TV’s often mounted above fireplaces, etc… With our camera we can light up the entire chase and take 360 photos and videos of what we see. Because of the increased perspective of the 360 camera we can zoom out and get perspectives where the customer can identify what we are talking about during wrap up.

Here are a few pictures of the amount of light the two GoPro lights that come standard on our kits provide in a chase. Two photos show up where about 10’ of rods are inserted through a hole in the sheetrock the customer provided to allow a Level III inspection. Down two photos are also included where 15-18’ of rods were used. The only light present in the chase is from the lights on our IF3 camera kit.

Please let us know if you have any questions or go ahead and order your kit today!

Whether you get into the chase from the room the fireplace is in, an adjacent room, the attic, or the rooftop – get the pictures you need to showcase any safety issues or fire hazards you may find.

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