Updates at NCSG 2023 Convention & Drawing Winners

Thank you to all who visited us at convention in Connecticut this past week! 

It was wonderful to see everyone there and showcase the new IF3 MAX Camera Inspection Kit and reveal updates to the InspectionFire App.

Many entered a drawing for either an annual login or one of the IF3 MAX Camera Inspection Kits. The winners of the 2023 NCSG Convention Drawing are:

  1. Sam Berry with Certified Chimney & Fireplace in Topeka, KS
  2. Andre Sanchez with Dave’s Chimney Service in Methuen, MA

If you did not win but requested additional information Thomas will be reaching out to you over the next few weeks to touch base. If you would like to reach out to us in the meantime and schedule a demo or give us a call please do so!

If you DID NOT ATTEND convention we released a new version of our MAX 360 Camera Inspection Kit and the InspectionFire App. Updates are summarized below!

Please let us know if you have any questions and have a great spring! 

April 2023 – Product Updates

InspectionFire v3.51

Many new features were added with the 3.51 update. Skim below to see several.

  • Updates to pre-written notes and language bringing the total number of pre-written deficiency and descriptive notes to 677
  • Measurements Pull Sheets
    • Masonry Fireplace
    • Flue Sizing
    • Masonry Structure Dimensions
  • Newly Included Calculators
    • Masonry Fireplace
      • 45-degree Corner – Clearance Calculator (at this point no one has a calculator to calculate this elsewhere)
    • Hearth & Heating Appliances
      • Combustion Air for Gas/Oil Appliances
      • Minimum Ceiling Support Box Extension
    • Floor Protection
      • R-value Calculator
      • R/K-value Conversion
      • Corner Hearth Sizing
    • Rooftop Chimney Height
    • Dryer
      • Developed Length
      • Air Flow Improvement

IF3 MAX Camera Housing

  • Design updates to prevent snagging and better secure and support both lights in the housing
  • Integrated whiskers and top light holder
  • Whiskers are retained in the housing without the need for set screws or other fasteners
  • Larger allen-head screws to secure the camera into the housing that are much easier to remove
  • New cover doubles as the retention method for the side light
  • Integrated set screw for using CAT6 cable to extend WIFI range when needed
  • Color options available (black, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, or pink)
  • Made from durable and corrosion resistant PETG (an improvement from ABS)

Thanks for reading!

Please let us know if you have any questions!