IF3 MAX 360 Camera Kit Setup Instructions

Thank you for ordering the IF3 MAX Camera Kit for use with the GoPro MAX 360 camera. We hope you will find using it as easy as our technicians have.

As needed, please follow the following steps to set up your IF3 MAX kit and get it ready for use! 

  1. Remove any bubble wrap securing the case all of your components will be located in. 
  2. After opening the kit take the GoPro MAX housing out of the case. One GoPro Light Mods may already be installed onto the top the case.
  3. Find the allen key in the component bag inside the mesh portion of the case and take them out.
  4. The allen key will be .050
  5. Use the .50 allen key and loosen the set screws holding the face/cover on the IF3 Max housing. Remove it from the housing.
  6. If you purchased the MAX camera from us it will come already installed into the housing with the screen protector pre-installed. If you ordered it separate or already had one it may not already have a screen protector installed. Install a screen protector now following the instructions in that kit.
  7. If desired install the lens covers over both camera lenses at this point.
  8. Slide your GoPro MAX 360 into the housing. Make sure that the controls are accessible and the battery compartment can be opened without removing the GoPro360 from the case.
  9. Install the second GoPro light mod facing the opposite direction as the one on the top. Generally the side light you want to face the same direction as the closest camera lens. This allows you to look directly into cracks using this light, while the other light creates a shadow from above so you can get different angles when you look at cracks and gaps.
  10. Install the face/cover and tighten the allen screws to hold the case together. Use firm pressure but DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. If you do not plan to open it regularly you may want to use lock-tight on the screw threads. 
  11. The three 12” filament lengths are included in the kit but not pre-installed. You can change these out for longer filaments if desired. These will slide into the existing holes and do not require a set screw to hold them in place. One end of the filaments is cut at an angle. Install the angled side first. The holes they slide into a kicked at a preset angle in the middle. All kits are test fit at the shop prior to shipping out. If you cannot get a filament in from one side try pushing it in from the other side of the same hole. 
  12. There is a set screw at the base of the adapter that enters a channel designed to accept the CAT6 cable where you need to extend the WIFI range of the GoPro MAX. You do not need to install that cable until needed.
  13. Install or replace lens covers at this time. You can use the tip of a knife or other sharp object to pry the lens covers or protectors off to change them. Be careful and do NOT scratch your camera lenses however. You can open the case to change lenses if you desire but we generally never take the camera out of the case as all functions of the camera and lights, including charging work without removal.
  14. Download the Quik app and connect your GoPro to the app. Preview the connection and follow prompts to complete any other optional setup within the app as desired.

Congratulations! Your InspectionFire IF3 Kit is now set up and ready for use!

Make sure that you charge your two light mods, your GoPro with the battery in it, and the additional battery in the charger. In general one battery should provide roughly 4 hours of filming time however it is always a good idea to have an extra battery ready to go.

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