*InspectionFire App Subscription (MONTHLY)

From: $100.00 / month





This item includes a monthly subscription (without a contract) and full access for the selected number of device logins to the InspectionFire App. If you are interested in more than 20 logins please contact us directly. You can save 10% by subscribing to the ANNUAL plan instead.

Logins to the InspectionFire app are per device, not per user. Generally only 1 device login per technician is needed as reports started on one device must be completed on the same device. Reports cannot be transferred from one device to another. Once a report is completed and submitted on a device it arrives as the completed PDF report in an email inbox you specify for forwarding on to your customer and storage in your files per your company process and protocol.

Device Logins are priced as follows:

  • 100.00/month for the 1st device login or 1,200.00/year
  • 80.00/month per device login 2-5 or 960.00/year per device login
  • 45.00/month per device login 6+ or 540.00/year per device login

Is the InspectionFire App right for you?

  • Do you feel frustrated with the amount of time lost editing and formatting reports?
  • Do you sometimes feel defeated, unseen, or misunderstood by customers when you communicate findings in your reports?
  • Are you disappointed with the language and formatting in your employees reports?
  • Have you lost jobs, and ultimately revenue, because your reports did not accurately showcase your professionalism?

The InspectionFire App provides solutions.

For more information on the App in general and to view some sample reports please click here.

Any subscription agrees to our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy

Please download the app from the App Store using the links below and complete checkout with the desired number of device logins. Once payment is complete you will receive a ORG Key/Passcode via email that you will then use to request access to the forms within the app. To expedite the process please email info@inspectionfire.com to request the ORG Key once you have completed payment and downloaded the app. When the required ORG Key is emailed back to you we will also include a link to schedule an orientation and make sure everything is setup properly.


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