InspectionFire Language

Thank you for your interest in our language and descriptive notes.

Currently we have created 650+ descriptive and deficiency notes that address or describe issues in the following system areas:

  • General (attic access, etc…)
  • Dryer Vent (dryer, connector, venting, termination)
  • Factory Built Fireplace (wood or gas, appliance up to chimney connection)
  • Factory Built Chimney (attached to an appliance or supported standalone chimney)
  • Heating Appliance (wood, pellet, gas, etc… including connector piping)
  • Masonry Structure (entire structure from foundation to crown)
  • Masonry Flue (flue interior, cleanouts, etc…)
  • Masonry Fireplace (fireplace, hearth extension, through smoke chamber)
  • Masonry Heater (specific to custom masonry heaters)

Our notes meet requirements for all common deficiencies we encounter during Level II inspections. There will always be oddities and it is not possible to write a note for every eventuality. But you can edit any note live before it goes into the final report so that it accurately reflects what you see. Our notes are specifically designed to contain the following points and updated as needed:

  1. Briefly identifies and explains the area inspected and its purpose in general, what is it designed to do on a basic level, how it protects the system or the home, improve performance, prevent buildup, etc…
  2. A brief description of the deficiency noted
  3. What could occur with continued use of the system if issues are not addressed (what is the safety outcome or the impact on performance, creosote formation, etc…)
  4. A concise recommendation that this issue be repaired prior to use
  5. If it is an unknown or potential issue that is suspected but not verified a concise recommendation that this be verified with a Level III inspection, or that any repairs address this potential issue in advance, or are considered and addressed in any repairs undertaken. 

We tried to be clear and specific, and yet conversational for the benefit of the homeowner. These notes are not written for the chimney professional and do not quote or cite code specifically. Our notes do not read like a full technical document but are geared to educate anyone interested in understanding why a certain issue was noted.

If you are interested in purchasing our language for use within your individual company only please contact us directly. Please note however that you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement as they are proprietary to our business and a pivotal part of our Reporting App.