IF2 MAX 360 Camera Kit Setup Instructions

Thank you for ordering the IF2 MAX Camera Kit for use with the GoPro MAX 360 camera. We hope you will find using it as easy as our technicians have.

As needed, please follow the following steps to set up your IF2 kit and get it ready for use! 

  • Remove any bubble wrap securing the case all of your components will be located in. 
  • After opening the kit take the aluminum GoPro housing out of the case. One GoPro Light Mod will already be slid into the side of the case. This can be left in place for all of the following instructions. It has the finger tip of a latex glove around the base to help secure it tightly into the housing given the design of the aluminum housing. If removed the tip of a latex glove, or another similar material may be used to help it secure in more tightly.
  1. Find the two small dark allen key in the component bag inside the mesh portion of the case and take them out.
  2. One allen key will be .050 and the other 5/64
  3. Use the 5/64 allen key and loosen the large set screw holding the yellow centering adapter in place. Remove it from the aluminum housing.
  4. Using the small phillips screwdriver in the components bag now remove the three small phillips screws holding the aluminum case together. 
  5. If you do not already have a screen protector installed onto your GoPro MAX 360 install it now.
  6. Slide your GoPro MAX 360 into the aluminum housing. Make sure that the controls are accessible and the battery compartment can be opened without removing the GoPro360 from the case. Once installed it should not need to be removed in the future.
  7. Install the cover and carefully screw in the small phillips screws to hold the case together. As they are small screws please use firm pressure but DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Screws should go in flush or nearly so, but if you strip the screws there is only one extra set in the components bag. 
  8. Now pick back up the yellow centering adapter again.
  9. Take the four 12” filament lengths and insert them into the holes on the yellow adapter. Two will run in one direction and two will run the opposite direction. 
  10. Once each is centered use the .050 allen key and tighten down the set screw until it is snug. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. 
  11. Once they are installed, slide the yellow centering adapter back into the top ‘cold shoe’ adapter on top of the aluminum housing with the rounded side of the yellow centering adapter towards the inside of the adapter.
  12. Tighten the center set screw that holes the yellow centering adapter in place until it is snug. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. 
  13. One light mod should already be installed on the side of the adapter. If it is not you may install it now.
  14. Take the other light mod and slide it into the ‘cold shoe’ design on top of the yellow centering adapter and make sure that it is facing the opposite direction as the other light. This will help provide 360-degrees of light inside of the chimney. 
  15. Install two of the lenses for the GoPro360 to protect the cameras. 

Congratulations! Your InspectionFire IF2 Kit is now set up and ready for use!

Make sure that you charge your two light mods, your GoPro with the battery in it, and the additional battery in the charger. In general one battery should provide roughly 4 hours of filming time however it is always a good idea to have an extra battery ready to go.

Download the Quik app by GoPro from the Apple/iOS or Android store on your device, pair it with your camera, and enjoy!

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